Consorzio inter-Universitario per la previsione
e la prevenzione dei
Grandi RIschi


Fire Hazards   




CUGRI' s experience in fire prevention fighting techniques dates back to many years, beginning to a CNR (Itaian National Resarch Council) contract on the simulation of fire in tunnels, led by Professor Paolo Ciambelli.

Subsequently CUGRI has been awarded contracts on Forest Fire Prevention, by the Vesuvius National Park, and on the software system related to an advanced Robotic Fire Fighting Devices (Robogat)  developed by a private Company. The objective of thse system si to utomatically locate the fire wihin a tunnel and to actuate the fire fighting ystem



Cugri  has also encouraged the diffusion and the exchange of ideas on a holographic infrared system developed by CNR. 


A seminar on fire fighting techniques  (In Italian)


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