CUGRI,  in collaboration with the former Istituto Universitario Navale, now Parthenope University, it has possibly the longest experience in  handling wavemeter  buoys among the Italian Academic Institutions (see OGS Paper),



CUGRI owns a  Mark II Datawell Directional Waverider,  jointly operated with the Parthenope University of Naples, which  is now deployed off Sorrento in the Bay of Naples


Some of the data are available on the RESEARCH HOME PAGE


The Mark II Datawell was deployed off Salerno for three months in 2001 and eventually for some time in 2011 off Sorrento. Until recently, it was the only directional wave meter to have operated off the Campania Region coast (Protezione Civile is now running two). Data were used together with  ECMWF WAM forecasts,  satellite altimeters and Campania Region Stack wave meter to test the integration of different data sources in the vicinity  of the coast



Mark II

Coordinates  of the mooring point:   40 36.68 N  1447.01 E Mooring depth 40 m

 Receiving station was located in the  "Masuccio Salernitano" Marina in Salerno

Some of the data are available on the   COASTALANDMARITIMEPAGE

Wave data from  CUGRI Wave meter and Campania Region  Civil Protection Foce Sele (SIMN)- A comparison.

Data from two the CUGRI wave meter were instrumental in correcting some inconsistencies in the  Foce Sele measurements : See the difference between the first diagram (corrected) and the second (raw)



CUGRI also operates on joint project with of Impresa Ambiente, a new MkII waverider buoy which is available for contract work

Other instruments are available, both for contract work:

For instance, a Doppler Bottom Wavemeter (SONTEC TRITON) has been extensively used in the  Riposto Marina, in Sicily.


Two ADCPs and a Current meter are also available



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