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C.U.G.RI. - interUniversity Centre for the Prediction  and Prevention of Major Hazards


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Over the years, CUGRI has carried out a vast number of applied scientific activities activities, both under contract from  private and public entities, and with its own funds.

According to its statute and its founding law, some of the research has been carried out buy providing its partner Universities (Federico II in Naples, and University of Salerno) with the means to perform autonomously their specific activities. In other cases CUGRI has taken the lead of joint efforts of many Institutions, often in connection with topics originating from its own contract work. CUGRI has no fixed employees, except for its own administrative necessities, so it has made wide use of short term contract work, often to recent graduates, to perform technical and scientific tasks which could not be performed directly.

The scientific papers produced within these activities are far to many to mention- even though a provisional list can be found in one of the following links. This site is in English; however since most of the contract activities have been performed for Italian Commissioning Bodies or Companies, many of the documents are in Italian. You are welcome to enquire at cugri@unisa.it, and we may able to provide some of the   documents in English

Different pages are dedicated to various sectors; however, due to the high degree of interdisciplinaryit involved, some information on a specific field may be located under a different heading.

 The site and the documents are  being reorganized and  gradually moved from Italian into English - Please be patient. We tried to quote all the external contributions, but we apologise if anything or anybody has been missed or wrongly reported something. Feel free to contact us to make the necessary corrections or to add new material




Scientific Papers

A Temporary List (Updated to 2011) of the scientific papers produced by CUGRI or with CUGRIs contribution More publications can be found within the different sectors.



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